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Back to the Gym!

So this morning 07:30 I finally ventured back into the gym, as a personal trainer you’d think I’d be full of confidence but that’s not completely true. My body like most others has changed during this period of lockdown, my strength is almost non existent, I’m a little softer and rounder despite my best efforts to train at home and I I feel small and weak. I was also very hesitant about the rules and regulations of the gym.

Fast forward to now 08:30 and I am feeling great. As you’ll see in the photo no strength records were being set but you know it’s alright to go back to the beginning and build back up slowly, everyone is in a similar situation so now is the time to smile when you make eye contact not judge what overs are doing.

No matter what your passion is weights, spinning, body pump, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, circuits, bootcamp etc etc just remember at the end of your 1st session you are already a step in front of where you where before it.

Enjoy the journey and the live in the moment as fitness is a lifestyle that we all privileged to be able to lead.


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